UNITE - Thomas Taylor LE - Troll, Snake & Skulls

UNITE - Thomas Taylor LE - Troll, Snake & Skulls

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This is our tribute goggle to Thomas "Troll" Taylor.

Thomas began his fascination with paintball in 1996. In 1998 he began playing competitively, dominating local events on the west coast and securing his first World Cup Championship in 2002 with Cartel. In 2003, Thomas began his professional career with the Los Angeles Ironmen as they, and the world, transitioned to a new format we now know as X-Ball. In 2004 Thomas, along with many of today's legends, founded Team XSV. With the help from Thomas, XSV dominated in 7-man and X-Ball for over a decade until he joined Houston Heat in 2014, helping them win several events in Europe and The United States in 2015. In 2016 Thomas joined Infamous and continues to lend his expertise and decades of experience towards building the team and helping the Infamous brand thrive.

The T.S.S. Push Unite Collaboration Goggle is the most dynamic design Push has done to date!

  • Snake represents the 20 years of playing the toughest position on the field
    • Snake Green eye is a tribute to Infamous
    • Snake red tongue is a tribute to the years of the Hawk
  • Skull to represent the strength, power and kills generated over two decades
  • HD Gold Mirrored lens is a tribute to the years of Gold and Black XSV days

The Push Unite goggle combines decades of knowledge from the most influential players in the game. The result is the most advanced  goggle system on the market that refuses to be beat in fit, function, and style. The Unite goggle features total face fit customization with an adjustable nose bridge, soft earpieces, and dual-injection molded plastic parts. An unprecedented 16 ventilation zones maximize airflow to keep you cool, comfortable, and improve communication. The optically correct spherical lens is larger, stronger and lighter than ever with a quick change system that is both easy and effective. Maximize your vision and maximize your experience with this state-of-the-art goggle system from Push.


  • Nose Bridge Adjustment System
    • This exclusive design allows you to adjust nose by allen tool to fit exactly your face
    • Creates a perfect seal to eliminate rising hot air from breathing heavy.
    • Customizes fit for improved comfort and functionality.

  • Unite thermal lens
    • Optically correct massive field of view, Quad layer anti-fog ensures no fog while playing 


    • Quick-change lens system
      • We have a lens for any condition and any look. Change it in seconds.
    • Magnetic Chin-Strap
      • Super easy to connect even using a one hand. Just bring both pieces close to each other and it will connect. 

    • Superlight Multilayer structure
    • Universal fit
      • Flex and strength where you need it. Lighter than ever.
      • Improved comfort fit for all head sizes
      • Soft cup formed ear pieces with improved hearing

    • 16 Strategic Ventilation zones
      • Evacuate hot air, keeping you face cool, and your lens clear while improving communication and hearing with no echo inside the goggle.


    • Triple layer face foam
      • The highest quality moisture wicking triple layer face foam, for optimal fit and comfort.

    • Anti Reflection Bridge
      • Helps reduce inner lens glare, by casting a shadow over the top venting

    • Protective travel case
      • Molded to the goggle shape for perfect fit and zero wasted space in your bag.
    • Silicone 






    CUSTOM STRAPS starting $27.95


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